Cliff A

2 years ago

I went to see her two weeks ago and she did a soul retrieval and a cord cutting and it changed my life literally. The anger I was holding onto from my past was gone and my depression was also gone. I had never had either one of these things done to me before and I can’t stop talking to people about my positive experience. I highly recommend her services and talent. It took away the things I was struggling with in my life. I feel the best that I have in years.

Diane L

2 years ago

This woman is the real deal. I had the most informative session with her. She helped me understand why things are the way they are in my life. It was an hour packed with more information than I ever received from anyone I have ever gone to. I would highly recommend a session with this woman. She will help you make sense of your life and set you on the right path.

Bobbi jo Hanley

2 months ago

I took 3 educational courses from Jocelyn and it was a life changing and healing experience for me. Jocelyn provided the tools, to allow me, to find the woman that got lost in the last 12 years of daily struggles of life. I have traveled 8 plus hours, just to have sessions with her, and it is always a positive experience. Well worth the time and money spent!

Al Scotina

2 years ago

Jocelyn is an amazing talented and gifted woman. She’s filled with compassion and understanding for her clients. I first saw her about 4 months after my wife Nancy passed away from a horrible battle with cancer. I was completely stunned by her accuracy and kindness. She said things she could only know by being in direct contact with Nancy.

I was so stunned by her accuracy I was speechless and teary-eyed. She was so compelling she even experienced some of Nancy’s symptoms caused by the terrible cancer and surgeries. She gave me detailed information during the entire hour of my reading. She allowed me to record her and when I played it for my son and daughter they were both amazed by her accuracy.

My son, daughter and one of my daughter’s closest friends, who viewed Nancy as a mother figure, all received individual readings from Jocelyn. All three received different accurate messages from Nancy through Jocelyn. They were all completely astonished with the close connection they shared with her through Jocelyn. Jocelyn’s accuracy left us all in tears of joy. We were all so relieved that Nancy was no longer in pain or suffering. Jocelyn let us know that she had crossed over and was happy bright white energy.

When I began seeing Jocelyn I was completely grief stricken. Nancy and I met when we were 12, started going steady at age 15 and were marred for 32 years. It was a 44 year friendship. I watched her suffer inhumanely for 11 months and it left me feeling lost and hopeless. I couldn’t believe it had actually happened. I lost my best friend, life partner and soul mate. I was crippled by grief.

After my initial reading with Jocelyn I began seeing her for reiki and energy healing. Her special care has lifted me out of my deep grief and has helped me to begin the healing process. I had tried traditional counselling and it was helpful, but after a few visits with Jocelyn I realized that she was helping me in many more ways than a traditional counselor could. I no longer needed to see the traditional counselor.

Words cannot express how much Jocelyn has helped me and my family. We are forever grateful for her kindness, sympathy, compassion, generosity, energy and gifted talents.

With Great Gratitude,

Richard Pryor

2 years ago

There are not enough stars to convey the experiences and the healing we have had with Jocelyn over the years. Each year we become stronger.

What an amazing evening we had last night with our dear friend Jocelyn Boucher (North Shore Medium) and our friends. We Love you Jocelyn, thank you so much for another incredible experience. There are no words to describe my experience. I felt the energy of my loved ones and my son Richie, that have moved to the next realm. I have never felt so connected to our son Richie than last night. MAGIC. Hearing you channel Richie was the most magical experience I have had in my life. Each year it becomes more powerful and insightful. Knowing that his contract was fulfilled by giving me the opportunity to help save other parents that have lost children provided me with the absolute certainty that this was the reason for his passing. I am on the right path in life and the impact I am going to have on this world gives me the fuel in need to keep moving forward. You have been the most beautiful angel in my battle against grief. Your gifts has provided us with knowledge and inspiration that we required to push through our grief and live our lives and make Richie proud. I am so looking forward to seeing you again at my book signing on March 30th. All our love. What a gift you are to this world. We love you so very much.

️ keep doing what you are doing. You are light.


8 months ago

I have had the opportunity to work with Jocelyn. She is straight forward, caring and understanding. She is patient and while taking her class she has listened to our questions and concerns and has helped us understand spirit and energy. She has supported each and every one of her students and has truly been a blessing. She is quick to respond to our questions and engages throughout the week. Not to mention she is a lot of fun and has a great personality and loves to laugh. I have also had a reading done with her and it was great. I have signed up for her upcoming Reiki class and I am so excited to work more with her. We are all in this together and it is great to find people and create this tribe of healers. She truly is a wonderful soul.

Paula Vidito

3 years ago

I have had Jocelyn come to my house many times to do reading parties. With every party I have had ten different people to be read and every single time we have been amazed by her ability to connect with our loved ones. Her ability to give us information that is right on spot about our loved ones is just mind blowing. I recommend her 100%.

Courtney Dupuis

3 years ago

If you’re looking to connect with passed loved ones and find the answers you’re looking for, Jocelyn is without a doubt the girl to see. I lost my uncle that is like my father and 1 of my best friends within 2 months of each other. My uncle came through strong with me and my whole family with individual memories and messages which made it undeniably him. When my friend had passed, noone knew why accept for her parents and sister, not even the rest of her family. Jocelyn gave me details on exactly what happened so I called her mother the next day and she confirmed everything that happened. Jocelyn even had messages for her mother. I had her to my house again for another party of 20 people and every single person she read had an amazing experience. Noone can make you feel as comfortable and safe as she does. I wouldnt recommend anyone else.

Laurie Jaena

a month ago

Jocelyn Boucher is the real thing. Reasonable priced, compassionate, intuitive, smart…. The list goes on and on. She is amazing at what she does and she does it with passion. Highly recommend you book your appointment. You won’t regret it.

Lorenza Caron

3 years ago

Many readings with Jocelyn both in a group and individual setting and each reading provided me with comfort, a sense of peace and enhanced awareness of the energy around us. I highly highly recommend her and many would agree from their own experience. She has offered me hope and healing by reuniting me with my loved.ones who have passed.

Jennifer Stillings

2 years ago

Three yrs ago my Exhusband passed away from cancer. My daughter was 24 and having a very hard time dealing with his death. I had heard that a medium was going to be at the Governor’s Inn in Rochester Nh. My daughter and I talked it over and decided to purchase tickets to go see her.
When we got there the room was crowded and people were standing as there seemed to not have enough seats. We knew at that point that she must be good but had know idea till Jocelyn ( North shore Medium) Stood up in front of the room and introduced herself as such and I noticed a yellow glow surrounding her as she channeled spirits to come forth. Just as I was noticing the yellow glow, my daughter spoke up and said, “Mom, look at her aura”. I was simply amazed that I could see it so vividly. She was very professional . The show was a success, only Jesse’s dad didn’t come through.
The very next day I set up an appointment with her. On my way there I felt dizzy and was seeing spots in my eyes. I had no idea why, except maybe high blood pressure as my daughter was going through so much that I was feeling the pressure of the drug use and depression she was going through. I was desperate for help.
When I entered her office I immediately felt calm and a peaceful sensation came over me. As Jocelyn began to talk I looked up over her head and noticed a white aura over her head and then over a human figure I could not see. It was Jesse’s Dad.
With Johns (Jesse’s Dad) and Jocelyns help with a few sessions, Jess became drug free and more confident about her future and the knowledge that her father was still there .
I was so in awe with the whole thing that I became very spiritual as well and have discovered how to meditate and see spirit as well.
Jocelyn is a true medium and I always recommend her to everyone in need or has a drug addict in the family or knows one. I can’t thank Jocelyn enough for how much she has helped us out!

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