Richard Pryor

2 years ago

There are not enough stars to convey the experiences and the healing we have had with Jocelyn over the years. Each year we become stronger.

What an amazing evening we had last night with our dear friend Jocelyn Boucher (North Shore Medium) and our friends. We Love you Jocelyn, thank you so much for another incredible experience. There are no words to describe my experience. I felt the energy of my loved ones and my son Richie, that have moved to the next realm. I have never felt so connected to our son Richie than last night. MAGIC. Hearing you channel Richie was the most magical experience I have had in my life. Each year it becomes more powerful and insightful. Knowing that his contract was fulfilled by giving me the opportunity to help save other parents that have lost children provided me with the absolute certainty that this was the reason for his passing. I am on the right path in life and the impact I am going to have on this world gives me the fuel in need to keep moving forward. You have been the most beautiful angel in my battle against grief. Your gifts has provided us with knowledge and inspiration that we required to push through our grief and live our lives and make Richie proud. I am so looking forward to seeing you again at my book signing on March 30th. All our love. What a gift you are to this world. We love you so very much.

️ keep doing what you are doing. You are light.

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