Jennifer Stillings

2 years ago

Three yrs ago my Exhusband passed away from cancer. My daughter was 24 and having a very hard time dealing with his death. I had heard that a medium was going to be at the Governor’s Inn in Rochester Nh. My daughter and I talked it over and decided to purchase tickets to go see her.
When we got there the room was crowded and people were standing as there seemed to not have enough seats. We knew at that point that she must be good but had know idea till Jocelyn ( North shore Medium) Stood up in front of the room and introduced herself as such and I noticed a yellow glow surrounding her as she channeled spirits to come forth. Just as I was noticing the yellow glow, my daughter spoke up and said, “Mom, look at her aura”. I was simply amazed that I could see it so vividly. She was very professional . The show was a success, only Jesse’s dad didn’t come through.
The very next day I set up an appointment with her. On my way there I felt dizzy and was seeing spots in my eyes. I had no idea why, except maybe high blood pressure as my daughter was going through so much that I was feeling the pressure of the drug use and depression she was going through. I was desperate for help.
When I entered her office I immediately felt calm and a peaceful sensation came over me. As Jocelyn began to talk I looked up over her head and noticed a white aura over her head and then over a human figure I could not see. It was Jesse’s Dad.
With Johns (Jesse’s Dad) and Jocelyns help with a few sessions, Jess became drug free and more confident about her future and the knowledge that her father was still there .
I was so in awe with the whole thing that I became very spiritual as well and have discovered how to meditate and see spirit as well.
Jocelyn is a true medium and I always recommend her to everyone in need or has a drug addict in the family or knows one. I can’t thank Jocelyn enough for how much she has helped us out!

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