Al Scotina

2 years ago

Jocelyn is an amazing talented and gifted woman. She’s filled with compassion and understanding for her clients. I first saw her about 4 months after my wife Nancy passed away from a horrible battle with cancer. I was completely stunned by her accuracy and kindness. She said things she could only know by being in direct contact with Nancy.

I was so stunned by her accuracy I was speechless and teary-eyed. She was so compelling she even experienced some of Nancy’s symptoms caused by the terrible cancer and surgeries. She gave me detailed information during the entire hour of my reading. She allowed me to record her and when I played it for my son and daughter they were both amazed by her accuracy.

My son, daughter and one of my daughter’s closest friends, who viewed Nancy as a mother figure, all received individual readings from Jocelyn. All three received different accurate messages from Nancy through Jocelyn. They were all completely astonished with the close connection they shared with her through Jocelyn. Jocelyn’s accuracy left us all in tears of joy. We were all so relieved that Nancy was no longer in pain or suffering. Jocelyn let us know that she had crossed over and was happy bright white energy.

When I began seeing Jocelyn I was completely grief stricken. Nancy and I met when we were 12, started going steady at age 15 and were marred for 32 years. It was a 44 year friendship. I watched her suffer inhumanely for 11 months and it left me feeling lost and hopeless. I couldn’t believe it had actually happened. I lost my best friend, life partner and soul mate. I was crippled by grief.

After my initial reading with Jocelyn I began seeing her for reiki and energy healing. Her special care has lifted me out of my deep grief and has helped me to begin the healing process. I had tried traditional counselling and it was helpful, but after a few visits with Jocelyn I realized that she was helping me in many more ways than a traditional counselor could. I no longer needed to see the traditional counselor.

Words cannot express how much Jocelyn has helped me and my family. We are forever grateful for her kindness, sympathy, compassion, generosity, energy and gifted talents.

With Great Gratitude,

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