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Classes and Workshops
Classes and Workshops
Classes and Workshops

Awaken your Spiritual Power

Master your Spiritual journey, learn how to overcome fear of darkness and step into your most spiritually powerful self!

Manifest your Spiritual Gifts

Learn about the journey of Manifesting your Spiritual gifts and how to open up your Spiritual Channel so that you can align to your Higher Self, Divine Guidance and the Universe

  • How to overcome darkness, low energies and low vibrations learn how to stay away from toxic people, environments and situations.
  • How to cut cords with unhealthy relationships so they are not draining your energy and lifeforce.
  • How to handle negative situations and challenges in your life such as power loss, energetic attack, negative projection, disagreements, power abuse and more.
  • Powerful Energy Cleanse to restore your energy and life force after every challenging situation.

You will be supported to get clear with your gifts, passion and purpose. You will be taught to meditate and connect to your Higher Self. Ground your Spiritual energies into your body and physical plane. This course will also help you:

  • Deepen your connection to your Soul Higher Self & the Universe
  • Strengthen your Intuition Inner knowing and ability to receive Higher Guidance
  • Awaken your Spiritual gifts and have the CONFIDENCE to express them
  • Align your Soul’s path with the Universe so that you manifest
  • Meet your helping Spirit Guides learn who you teachers are
  • Learn your Chakras & Auras the purpose and colors. How to balance and realign them

Next series of Classes and Workshops

Intro to Spiritual Development: 4-Week Course: September. 9,16,23,30 (2025)

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Intro to Mediumship: 4-Week Course September. 10,17,24,1 (2025)

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Intro to Shamanism: 4-Week Course September. 11,18,25,2 (2025)

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Reiki Level 1: Saturday, September 14th (2025) 10am-12pm

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Reiki Level 2: Saturday, September 14th, 2025, 12pm-2pm

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Spiritual Development Level 2: 4-Week Course October. 7,14,21,28 (2025)

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Mediumship Development Level 2: 4-Week Course October. 8,15,22,29 (2025)

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Shamanism Development Level 2: 4-Week Course October. 9,16,23,30 (2025)

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Guided Meditations:

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Mentorship Programs

Spiritual Sisterhood Circle

(A safe and sacred space for women to be themselves.)

Monthly circle experience. Hybrid. Either in person or zoom.

Do you remember when you used to play as a child? You were curious about everything and wanted to discover all of life’s secrets, right? Remember how we felt as children when we truly believed that anything was possible and nothing could stand in our way of achieving our dreams.⁠

When you tap into your true feminine power, the world responds to you differently. Being connected to your personal power makes you feel confident and at ease. You know what you want and aren’t afraid to ask for it. You know when to say no and you’re not constantly worrying about what everyone else will think of your choices.⁠

You can BE who you want to be, discover the most exciting parts of life, have a passion filled love affair with your true self and create a ripple effect in your family, friends and community because of the way you lead your life.⁠

I want to remind you that I am here for you, every step of the way.
I see you……Its time for change..

Be part of something greater than yourself.

Investment: $33 Monthly.

Please email me at

Spiritual Mentorship Program

Spiritual Growth
A spiritual mentor is someone who cares about you and wants the best for you. They know that the most important thing in life is to have a personal relationship with Source, so they encourage you to invest in this relationship. As a result, you can grow spiritually and become your true authentic self.

A spiritual mentor can offer wise counsel when it comes to some of life’s toughest decisions. As someone who has walked the road before you, a mentor can guide you in the right direction and steer you away from mistakes they previously made. They can prepare you for what is to come and offer advice from a Intuitive perspective.

Listening Ear
We all need someone who listens to us and shows support. A spiritual mentor does not necessarily speak into your life all of the time. They realize that sometimes, you just need someone to listen without judgment. They show understanding because they have most likely experienced similar things, and they are there for you during both good and bad times.

Happy to help.
You may stay on the program for as long as you wish however the minimum amount of time is 6 Month Commitment to get the best results. Meetings are held in person, phone or Zoom.

Investment: $145 Monthly. Please email me at

Online Patreon Mentorship Program


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